Seven Easy Ways to Improve Your Everyday Life


We’re often told that the only way to be successful is by constantly working hard. Doing this can leave us feeling burnt out and exhausted, with little time to feel good about our everyday lives. I’m the kind of person who believes in this mantra. I tend to work to the point of extreme stress.

This is a list of seven simple ways I try to improve my daily life. It’s how I try to make a stressful day brighter.

I don’t do all of these things every day, but when I do, I feel fulfilled. My ultimate goal would be to accomplish each of these small tasks every day, but that isn’t always realistic. Try your hardest to do one, and you’ll begin to feel the difference.


1. Make the bed every morning.
It’s amazing how much more productive I feel once my bed is made. It doesn’t take longer than one minute out of my day to arrange the pillows and align my sheets. If you have another minute, pick up the clutter lying around and put it in its rightful place.

2. Spend at least 10 minutes enjoying nature.
My favorite time to enjoy nature is when I’m walking the dog. It’s a beautiful time to enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze. If you don’t have a dog, go on a brief walk alone. You can do this any time, no matter the place or the weather. Put your worries aside and enjoy the fresh air. Let it liven up your day.

3. Put away clean dishes every morning, and do the dirty dishes every night.
This is similar to the first one. Doing the dishes cleans up your home, and thus cleans up your mind. I can’t be productive until I know that everything around me is clean and organized. It isn’t exactly fun, but dishes that sit there overnight are gross. Give it a try.

4. Do someone else a favor, and don’t make them feel bad about it.
If someone needs your help, give it to them willingly. Don’t think about how much time it will take out of your day. Just do it and don’t expect anything in return. This kind act will be repaid to you when you need it most, trust me.

5. Write in a journal.
Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper, and let them flow freely from your mind. Don’t worry what anyone else will think. No one else has to read it. Reading old journal entries is my favorite way to learn about my life. It allows me to see how much I’ve grown. Not to mention, it’s therapeutic. There’s something about writing your thoughts down that makes them less stressful.

6. Tell someone how important they are to you.
Let your family members know you love them. Tell your significant other how much you appreciate having them in your life. Remind your best friend that you wouldn’t be able to get through difficult times without them. Showing your love to others is the easiest way to bring more love into your life.

7. Remind yourself that you don’t have to do it all in one day.
I usually have a long to-do list at the beginning of the day. At night, I beat myself up over not completing everything on the list. I could have gotten more work done when I was sitting around playing games on my cell phone. But we need breaks every once in a while. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we don’t have to do it all in one day either.


What’s Love Got to do With it?

Love has everything to do with it.

By it, I mean positive thinking and following your dreams. I’ve shied away from writing about love, all because one male reader told me he didn’t want to read blog posts full of “mushy love stuff.” That’s understandable. This love is much more than that.

The love I’m talking about is love for all things. Love for your family members, love for all human beings, and love for nature are equally as important as romantic love. I’m going to delve a little deeper into those three topics, just to graze the surface of love for all things.

Love your family.

Forgive them of their wrongdoings and mistakes. Love them more than anyone. We only get one biological family in life. These are the people whose characteristics you’ve inherited and will share forever. In the toughest of times, at least in my experience, family members have been the only ones I could truly count on. Having love for your family members is the start of having love for all things. They are your foundation in life, and the most deserving of your love.

I understand that there are some family situations where love just isn’t a part of it anymore. There are tragic circumstances where family members are taken away from the world too soon, or they’ve disappeared decades ago and will never return. The effects of this can be felt for the rest of someone’s lifetime, but love them nonetheless. The relationship started as a loving one, and that’s the way it should be remembered.

Love all human beings.

This can be the most difficult love to give, at least for me. Someone will cut you off while driving or do something terrible to betray your trust. How can you love that person? You don’t have to like them, but treat them with love. The saying “kill them with kindness” applies here. Realize that people make stupid decisions. Trust that karma will take care of payback. Be the type of person whose loving attitude can’t be shaken.

Also, treat random human beings with love. You never know what one person may be going through. Your smile or simple “hello” can make their entire day brighter. Give a random compliment. Don’t bow your head in shame when someone walks by. Treat all people you encounter with love, and love will become the most powerful force in your life.

Love nature.

This is a tough one for me to put into words, mostly because it deals with our soul. The soul is a topic far too deep for the final section of this blog post, but know that our soul can be found in all things. Ralph Waldo Emerson made me realize this, a historic author who, amongst many other things, explained the importance of being one with nature.

You know that feeling of significance when you watch the sun rise, or stand on the edge of a mountain and look out at the world far beyond? That’s the mind realizing that we are a small piece of a tremendously large universe. It’s our soul that can be felt in nature, and nature must be treated with love and respect.

Love all animals and creatures. Watch them with fascination and realize that they too have a very important place in this world. Love trees and flowers and bodies of water. I realize that I’m talking like a hippy now, but these parts of nature are beautiful things. It’s important to treat nature with love if we want to live a positive lifestyle.


I tell you to treat all things with love for one reason – Love is powerful. Once you start to live a life that is motivated by love, fantastic things will come to you. Loving all things is a large step in living a positive life, for the rest of your life. How have you acted with love today? Leave a comment.