The Things We All Have In Common


It’s easy to point out differences amongst us. Some people are physically different from one another, in terms of height, weight, and skin color. Many others have different core values and believe in a variety of religions. The human race is a vast combination of contrasts.

There’s one set of differences that I’ve been having a hard time with lately – the distinctions between my boyfriend and I. I’m not one to put my personal life out there for all to read, but I think this story has a good lesson behind it.

Let it be known. 

Opposites attract, as we’ve all heard before. In my relationship, there are many opposites that end up working out great for us. We also have an endless number of similarities that remind me of how much I love him dearly. One core value is very different between us, however, and it’s a big one. I’m a workaholic, constantly putting in 110% effort and occupying myself with work. He, on the other hand, is more of a “do what he needs to do to get by” kind of guy. He likes to put in the bare minimum amount of effort.

This drives me crazy. I can be hyper ambitious, always pushing people to work their hardest. Obviously, you all know this because you read my blog about how to follow your dreams. But for my love, at least for right now, it’s having no effect on him. He won’t be swayed by my hard work ethic.

There are times when I feel like this core difference between us could break us apart completely. I was having one of those negative days the other day, and stumbled upon this quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

We forget that despite the superficial differences between us, people are equal in their basic wish for peace and happiness.

A little bell went off in my head, in terms of my relationship and the rest of my life. It doesn’t matter what kind of differences there are between us. We are all humans. We all dream of being happy and loved by others. He may have a different way of going about his daily life, but that’s what makes him happy.

Think about this the next time you encounter someone whose differences seem worlds apart from yours. They’re also looking for peace and happiness. They have the same desire burning in them to be content and satisfied with their lives.

Like Gandhi said, many of these differences are superficial. In the larger scheme of life, in the part of the universe that’s beyond our comprehension, there are no differences between us. Once we learn how to treat all human beings with the same amount of compassion, true happiness will be known.

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2 thoughts on “The Things We All Have In Common

  1. I agree – we have the same nature, we feel the same way; what really differs us is that we have learnt different habits on the ground of the unique mix of our innate predispositions and our life experience. The habits we learnt unconsciously as a reaction to what happened to us and whom we met; the habits that any time we can unlearn consciously if we want or need. In fact, there is so little of us in how we descibe ourselves… It’s enough to extremely change the circumstances we live in, our everyday standard we have used to, to see what is constant in us. Suprisingly, not much – most of our behavior is just a reaction to what is around us, is the effect of our way of thinking about ourselves. We seek similar ones to feel comfortable, to keep a substitute of our “home”, of what we associate with Love – but that’s those different ones who become a challenge for us to define who we really are, helping us get happier.
    (Hmm… It was supposed to be one – sentence comment, but I always try to make my view point clearer and clearer :D In a case it’s not clear enough (LOL), see “The Different is a gift from Love” by Alootka.)
    Sending you Love :)

    • I love that you point out how we learn habits unconsciously, due to our experiences and interactions. You bring up some great topics of discussion! I also couldn’t agree with you more that we can unlearn these habits as well. I can definitely relate to being around the different people who challenge us to define who we really are.

      Thank you so much for commenting! Returning the love :)

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